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Novatex International- a global provider of high quality fabrics for apparel, upholstery, home & industrial furnishings and all trim & accessories. Established in 1985, Novatex International has been successfully serving the apparel, upholstery, frequency transfer & leather goods industries.

In addition to being a source for various textiles, we offer perforation and embossing services. With capabilities to perforate vinyl, leather , plastic sheeting, canvas, nylon, polyester and most any textile, we can accommodate most any application. We offer perforation services to the automotive, apparel, footwear and industrial textile industries. Our advanced perforating and embossing machines can guarantee on time delivery and high quality perforation.

We pride ourselves in our customer service capabilities and extremely fast service. We stock all materials in our Los Angeles warehouse and we do not have minimum requirements on in-stock items. Large stock availabilities and competitive pricing are a way of life in our company culture.

Our diverse product line of first quality textiles includes polyurethane and PVC-coated fabrics, faux leather, micro-fibers, polyester fabrics, furs, plastic sheeting, nylon goods, high frequency-transfer plastics and automotive upholstery materials. Moreover, Novatex Int’l is one of the nations' largest importers of genuine European leathers for upholstery & apparel.

Please contact your sales representative for quotes, requests or samples regarding any of our products and services.